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       Rat Health & Care

Before adopting or buying a rat, here's a few things to consider:

    1.  What if my rat's get sick do I have a local vet?
    2.  Do I have the Money to Take care of my pet's?
    3.  Do I have the Time to Play with my pet's at Least 1/2 hour a Day or more?
    4.  Do you have a the Right Cage?
    5.  Do you have the Right Food?
    6.  Do you have the Right Bedding?
    7.  Can I Commit to Cleaning the Cage at Least Three Times a Week or More?
    8.  Do I have Toys for Them to Play with?
    9.  Do I have Little House Tubes or Cardboard Boxes for them to Hide in?
   10. Are They Getting Plenty of Exercise a Wheel or Letting Them out to run Around?

These are just a few things to consider when buying a rat.  Now here is some Information you may want to  keep handy.  

                                             Local Veternarians in Santa Clarita

    1.    Valencia Veterinary Center (24 Hour Pet Hospital)
               23928 Summerhill Lane, Valencia, CA 91354
               (661) 263-9000

    2.     Santa Clarita Animal Hospital (Open 7 Days a week)        
                24899 Railroad Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
                (661) 259-PETS (7387)

    3.     All Creatures Emergency Center (Open 24 Hours)
               22722 Lyons Avenue #5 Newhall, CA 91321
                (661) 291-1121

    4.    Happy Pets Veterinary Center
               27550 Newhall Ranch Rd., Valencia, CA 91390                            
               (661) 295-9972 

    5.    Seco Canyon Animal Clinic
               27935 Seco Canyon Rd., Saugus CA 91350
               (661) 296-8848  

    6.    Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center
               25832 Hemingway Ave., Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

                                  Health Care 101 Information

    1.     Rat Guide - A Layman's Guide to Health, Medication Use, Breeding, and Responsible Care of Pet Rats

    2.      Ratz- Rat Health Care and information http://www.ratz.co.uk/

    3.      RatsRaisins - Trimming Teeth http://ratballs.com/RatTails/Tails080.html

    4.      Rat & Mouse Club of America - Medication Usage Chart for Rat Respiratory Illnesses and Other Conditions

    5.      Rat Behavior & Biology - Everything you want to know about rats

    6.      Rat Assistance & Teaching Society - Key Points About Rats 

    7.      Pet Rat Info - All You Need For Happy Pet Rats http://www.petrat.info/